Thursday, June 12, 2014

Jouer Powder Eyeshadows - Part 2 - Review

I first spoke about the Jouer eyeshadow here when I reviewed them about a week ago. This is part two, featuring deeper shades.

The packaging is a glossy, deep brown packaging with the brand name emblazoned in light bronze on the top. It's very simple and elegant. As mentioned before, though, the glossy finish means - you got it - it's a fingerprint magnet. Honestly, I've given up trying to keep these clean, because it's next to impossible to keep wiping them down.

The packaging design ensures that these can slot into and be attached to one another.

The shades mentioned here are:
- Maple
- Pistachio
- Mahogany

Maple is a medium warm  bronze-y brown with a satin finish. It's a great color to use to in the crease, or the outer V. It also makes for a very understated daytime smokey eye. Because it's so pigmented, if you want to sheer it out it's best to use a light hand. A great shade for all skintones.

Pistachio is a deepened pistachio-olive green with a gold sheen. It has a satin finish. This is a gorgeous color if you have brown, hazel, or black eyes - it really makes them pop. It looks unassuming in the pan, but it transforms into a very multidimensional shade on the lids. The gold sheen that it has keeps it from looking completely flat. Again, this will be suitable for everyone.

Mahogany is a deep reddened brown that reflects the name. This has an semi-matte finish - it's not quite matte, but not quite satin either. It's a creamy, soft shade that's very pigmented, like Maple, so if you want to use it sheered out a light hand is required. This shade would work better on deeper skins with warm undertones because it will bring out the warmth in the skin.

These are all highly pigmented shadows that are soft and creamy to the touch. They apply easily and blend smoothly with no issues at all. Over primer, they last a good 9 hours on me with minimal fading.

Jouer makes some fantastic neutrals, but they don't have a wide color range. Their eyeshadow formula is one of the best I've encountered so far.

BGMM Rating : A+


  1. Oh damnit! i want all threee!

    1. They're lovely shades for sure, but fairly common. I do like the quality, though!

  2. Ack, these are SO my kind of colors! Especially Pistachio.

    1. Pistachio is pretty unique. It's one of my favorite green shades!