Wednesday, June 11, 2014

I need your help! What products should I be looking for while vacationing in India?

No, this isn't the Indian Ocean... but it will be soon. Bahahaha!
I'm excited to say that for the first time in, uh... two and a half years, I'm going back home! As excited as I am for eating ALL of my mom's cooking (she is an amazing cook, you guys) and listening to my dad's terrible jokes and just chillin' out with my grandpa (the man used to do back flips into the river when he was 85!), I'm also excited for the prospect of - you guessed it - 'exploring' the makeup scene! (That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it).

Any suggestions? I'm interested in products that aren't available here. And it's not limited to makeup; I've been interested in revamping my skincare, so any suggestions about that are also very welcome!


  1. Bourjois, Bourjois, Bourjois. Oh, the L'oreal Matte Lipsticks. Chambor Eyeliner in teal and emerald green. What else what else? Glyco A (12% Glycolic Acid Cream), Olay Regenerist Eye cream ( thats all I can think off now, but don't worry, more coming your way!

    1. Girl, you're so awesome. Where can I stock up on Bourjois (ohGodyesfinally) and the Glyco A? I'll primarily be in Bangalore. Any ideas?

    2. Any of the malls that have a Lifestyle/Westside usually sell Bourjois. If you happen to see a Parcos you can buy tons of Rimmel too.
      Any local Pharmacy sells Glyco A. Its super reasonable. Now, if you happen to be coming to Chennai :P I can take you wherever. Let me know? :D