Sunday, May 11, 2014

Weekly Favorites #8

Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream in Medium Deep - Although this has been around for quite sometime I never gave much thought to trying it because all the reviews I had seen for it stated that this wasn't suitable for oily skin. And, frankly, it isn't. It's not very long lasting, and the coverage is sheer and lightweight. So why is it on my favorites list? Because it is sheer and lightweight. It's quite hydrating, too, and while it doesn't last too long, I use it for days when I'm not looking for long-lasting coverage. If I set it with powder, it's quite workable.

Sephora x Divergent lipglosses - These were part of a Sephora-exclusive Limited Edition set for the movie Divergent (which I have not seen.) I was intrigued by the glosses because the packaging is a dead-on ringer for the Hourglass lipglosses, which led me to wonder if these were of similar quality. And the answer to that is no, they're not like the Hourglass ones. But they are lightweight and not goopy at all, and they add a little bit of color to my lips. They aren't moisturizing though, and I suspect that they might even be a tad drying to my lips. Still, I like the non-stickiness and the hint of color they offer.

Nivea Lip Butter in Raspberry Rose - These are my holy grail lip balms. Seriously, no matter how many other lip balms I try, I will never not have at least one of the Nivea lip butters with me. They are so freaking moisturizing it's not even a joke. I bet if you applied these onto some puny cirrus clouds, they'd turn into freaking thunderstorm-type clouds with all the moisture they get from these balms. They also smell so amazing! The only flipside is if you apply too much, your lips will look white. But you don't really need a lot anyway.

Jordana Fabubrow Eyebrow Pencil in Dark Brown - some days, I'm too lazy to use brow powders. Other days, I want a more natural looking brow. On both those occasions I'm going to reach for my Jordana brow pencil 9/10 times (the 1/10th time being when I can't find it). It's not hard, quite soft really, but a few quick swipes and a run-through with a spoolie, and I'm all set. Plus, it's so cheap, too!

Too Faced Perfect Eyes Waterproof Eyeliner in Perfect Expresso - I love eyeliner. It's such a great way to emphasize your eyes. What sets this eyeliner apart from the others in my stash is how creamy it is (which is a lot). This is the softest, creamiest eyeliner I have, which means I have ample time to blend it out a bit, and go for a more grunge look. Plus, the shade is the perfect shade of black-brown that isn't so black it looks stark, or too brown that it exaggerates my dark circles. Once it sets, it won't budge!

What have been your favorites this week? Comment below and let me know!


  1. Those Divergent look exactly like Hourglass, geeez. But its good that the formula works, I guess

    1. I know! Such a blatant packaging ripoff. I tried them again and they are a nice formula, so I'll carry around my Hourglass rip-offs and pretend it's the real deal, haha.