Thursday, May 1, 2014

Tarina Tarantino Jewel Eyeshadow Palette Review - Delightful

I've spoken about Tarina Tarantino's shadows before (when I was reviewing her Emerald Pretty Shadow Palette here) and I will reiterate that these are some of my favorite shadows ever. The quality is really fantastic.

The Jewel Eyeshadow palette in Delightful houses a set of neutral shadow colors that don't lean cool or warm. I think these shades will work on just about everybody, regardless of undertone.

The palette is oval shaped, made of a gunmetal colored metal. The top of the palette has a very pretty amber-orange, jewel-like ornament that is helpful in distinguishing this palette from the rest. The palette is palm sized, and is very sturdy. Both the size, as well as the sturdiness of the packaging make it very suitable for travelling.

The inside houses five eyeshadows in neutral shades. Personally, I like the design and the packaging, there is hardly any wasted space. The shadows are also very good sized. 

The shades are:

  • Shadow #1 - this is a pale neutral pink, but definitely applies frosty. It also strangely appears frosty white, both when swatched and when applied on the lid.
  • Shadow #2 - this is a frosty white gold.
  • Shadow #3 - this is a shimmery warm taupey brown.
  • Shadow #4 - this is a shimmery bright, light peach-y copper.
  • Shadow #5 - this is a semi-matte dark brown. It has a cool undertone to it.
The colors are all very pigmented and just so soft and silky to the touch. They apply smoothly, and blend out easily, with no fading. The color intensity is spot on. The pale pink color in the middle is the only one where the color in the pan didn't translate on the eyes and in the swatch, but it was still very pigmented. 

I love how there's a matte in the palette - a lot of palettes tend to have shimmers/glittery shades to them, but I believe in order for a palette to be complete it should have at least one matte shade. 

I always use primer when I apply shadows on my lid, but I never swatch shadows over primer. These last me a good 8 hours on my lids - they remain vibrant throughout with minimal fading at the 8th hour.

This is to me a travel workhorse palette - a set of your standard neutrals in a mixture of finishes, all packaged in a very compact and travel friendly fashion. Not to mention the excellent quality of the shadows themselves!

BGMM Rating: A+


  1. AnonymousMay 02, 2014

    I keep having to tell myself that the Naked 2 palette is enough neutral shadows for one rogue... :-P That said, I really love the look of shades 3 and 4 from this one!

    1. Gah, they're so pretty. I can't get enough of neutrals since 9/10 times it's really all I wear (well, that's my excuse anyway!)