Friday, May 23, 2014

MAC Alluring Aquatic Extra Dimension Bronzer Review

Ever since Shrutilaya introduced me to the possibilities of bronzers for brown girls, I've kinda, sorta been obsessed. I love the subtle glow they can add, or the fact that I can amp up the drama with some serious contouring if I so desire.

Now, when I heard MAC were releasing bronzers in the Extra Dimension formula, I knew I had to have them. I love the Extra Dimension formula, and I love bronzers! So, a win-win, right?

I've already spoken about how adorable and beautiful the packaging is when I reviewed the blushes, so I'll skip it here. Suffice to say the bronzers are larger than the blushes, but have similar packaging.

The bronzers in this collection are:
- Aphrodite's Shell
- Delphic

(apologies for the differences in the photos below; the sun kept playing peek a boo all day, which affected the natural lighting at home)

Aphrodite's Shell is a slightly cool toned, medium brown bronzer with a satin sheen finish. The quality of this, unfortunately, wasn't as good as the blush. Added to the fact that it is just visible on my skin (barely so) means that I would not recommend this for anyone over NC35. If, however, you are looking for a bronzer that's more subtle, that adds a light glow to your face, then this might be the one for you. Fair skins will have no issues whatsoever with using this as a bronzer.

The pigmentation is great, and the powder is finely milled. It does take a little bit of work getting the payoff, though, because the surface seems to be harder than the product underneath. Using a stiffer brush for the first use will help, and subsequent applications become easier.

Application and blending is easily achieved, but as I mentioned previously, this is more for a subtle look than anything else. Frankly, I rather like it, and have been using it almost daily, especially on days when I want to look subtly sunkissed (as opposed to suntanned!),

Delphic is a medium rust-y brown bronzer with warm undertones. It has a satin sheen finish that does not emphasize pores, similar to the Aphrodite's Shell bronzer. The quality of this was better than Aphrodite's Shell, akin to the blushes. It was easier to achieve the payoff, and this is what I would consider a true bronzer. However, while it is suitable for medium to medium-deep skins, I fear that it would not be suitable for deep skintones.

The pigmentation is great, and it is easy to build up the intensity. There isn't any difficulty in loading up your brush with the product. Application and blending are easily done, and this is definitely for those wanting an "I've been out in the sun and look fabulous" look.

It can be used for contouring, but I would be wary of it, because of the strong warm undertones it has. If not used carefully, it could easily appear muddy on your face (as I found out the hard way!).

I rather like the soft, satin sheen it gives; there's no noticeable shimmer, and you don't resemble a disco ball once you go into the sun, but it just makes you look healthy and, well, alive.

I've worn these both on bare skin and over foundation. On bare skin, they last 5 hours on me with noticeable fading. Wearing these over foundation I get closer to 6.5 hours with fading. Definitely some of the longer-wearing bronzers I own. Normal and dry skins will see these wearing much longer.

To sum up - Aphrodite's Shell is more finicky than Delphic, and more suited for fairer skins. Delphic is easier to use, and more suitable for warmer skins. I'm not sure I would recommend either for contouring unless you're careful with application and blend well. I would also recommend Delphic if you're a brown girl. The finish is just lovely!

BGMM Rating: B- (Aphrodite's Shell)
                    A- (Delphic)


  1. Oh my, the packaging really is gorgeous! I love Delphic, it's such a rich color.

  2. Aphrodite's Shell looks like a delicate pink blush on you! :-) It's pretty, a shame that it takes some work to get into...

    1. It was a bummer. It's a bit better now that the outer 'layer' is off! :)

  3. I need Delphic so bad! :o

    1. Haha I figured you would like Dephic. It's really lovely :D