Friday, May 9, 2014

Lust list - Bourjois

Despite being here in the States there are a couple of things across the pond that I'd love to get my grubby little paws on - the biggest being Bourjois. I've seen rave reviews for their products time and again and I've been driven to desperation and indeed the point of insanity trying to get my hands on them (I exaggerate of course, but nevertheless the want is strong with this brand).

That being said, here are the products right at the top of my lust list:

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Rouge Edition Velvet - these are the latest offering from Bourjois and are supposed to be a better version of the NYX matte lip creams (which I did not like). I can't wait to try these out! Definitely have my eye on Ole Flamingo, Peach Club, Personne ne Rouge and Ping Pong.

Color Edition Cream to Powder Eyeshadow - I'm curious about the formula and want to see if the cream to powder claim is true. Plus I find that cream eyeshadows are a great way to streamline my morning makeup routine especially when I'm running late! I'm fairly sure I need Kaki Cherie and Prune Nocturne.

Happy Light Foundation - I should clarify here that I want to try ALL their foundations as that is one thing everybody has consistently raved about. I just hope that I'll find a match for my skintone!

Color Boost Lipstick - Chubby crayons are a dime a dozen but these have been noticed for their easy wearing, intense pigmentation and hydrating properties. Peach on the Beach and Fuchsia Libre are on my list, but I'm tempted by Red Sunrise too.

123 Perfect CC Cream - Seeing as I haven't found a BB/CC cream formula that works for my I want to give this a shot and fingers crossed this will be the light, easy-peasy product I've been searching for!

Shine Edition and Rouge Edition Lipsticks - These have garnered praise for the wonderful formula and the wear time. 123 Soleil, Mauve Tabloid and Grenadine In are the Shine lipsticks I'm intrigued by, and Praise Remix, Brun Boheme and Rose Studio are the Rouge lipsticks I'm drooling over.

Have you tried any Bourjois products? What are your favorites? Comment below and let me know!


  1. I want so badly to try Bourjois products! Especially the healthy mix serum foundation and the cc cream (I haven't found a decent bb or cc for my skin either, though I loved the Laneige bb from Target even though the color didn't match me at all). Check out Asos: they have free shipping and often have sales, even on the beauty products. I haven't bought anything myself YET but I add things to my cart all the time lol

    1. My Asos cart has ALL the Bourjois (I'm not even kidding, lol). I'm having a hard time figuring out which foundation shade will work for me :/

    2. That's my issue as well! I've watched so many youtube videos(the latest was but I still cannot figure it out. I wish I could "buy then try" locally :( Hopefuly Shlaya92's suggestion of 54/55 works out!

  2. AnonymousMay 10, 2014

    I've been eyeing those Rouge Edition Velvets since I saw them on KissandMakeup! Ack, so gorgeous!

    I, too, have an ASOS cart with Bourjois in it :-P I want to try the Healthy Mix Serum foundation (after seeing it so often on Lisa Eldridge's channel), but I swatched a bit of Bourjois stuff in Australia recently, and everything seems to run very warm in the foundation department :-(

    1. Awww, that sucks :( I'm warm toned, so I'm hoping that these will work for me!

  3. Which shade for that? I can help you out there :)
    Happy Light I use 53, which looks a bit light, but it oxidises ever so slightly on me. So maybe check out 53/54?
    But for healthy mix serum and the others, I use 54/55. Since we're similar colouring, this might help?

    CC Cream, the darkest shade runs ever so slightly light on me, so I haven't bought it yet. Helpful? I hope.

    1. I was hoping you'd offer your expert opinion :D

      I think I'll go with 54 for the Happy Light (any idea what that shade is called? Asos doesn't do numbers, but they have shade names. So frustrating!). 55 for the Healthy Mix Serum.

      And BOO on the CC cream! Dangit! I was so looking forward to trying that one :/

    2. I think 54 is Beige and 55 is Dark Beige?