Friday, April 25, 2014

Tarina Tarantino Emerald Pretty Eyeshadow Palette Review

Tarina Tarantino is a costume jewellery and accessory designer, based in Los Angeles, California. In 2010, she started a makeup line that was sold at Sephora; unfortunately, it is no longer sold there, and can only be purchased online (as far as I know). They also don't ship outside North America, which is a pity, because these are, without a doubt, some of the best eyeshadows I've had the pleasure of using.

The Emerald Pretty palette has six eyeshadows in a variety of finishes from matte to frost. As you might have guessed from the name, the palette is inspired by the Emerald City from The Wizard of Oz. Having never read the book and having only the faintest idea about the story in general, I cannot speak for how well the shadow colors tie in with the book. 

The packaging is quite large and is made of cardboard. It's designed to resemble an emerald - both in the color as well as the cut (fun fact: the hexagonal cut, similar to the shape of the palette, is called as an emerald cut in the world of diamonds!). It's very sturdy and will travel well. It'll also probably hold up to being dropped, but there's no way I'm going to be checking that to test it!

Once you open the palette you can see that there's a lot of wasted space - personally I don't like bulky packaging and it irks me that there's so much of empty space. I'm not a huge fan of depotting shadows, so I'll stick with the packaging, but you can always choose to transfer the shadows to a Z-palette or the like if you choose to.

Moving on to the shadows themselves, you can tell that there are a variety of finishes. The shadow names all bear reference to The Wizard of Oz.

The shades are:

Glinda's Kiss - this is a satin white with a white and gold sheen. I adore this as an inner eye highlight!

Silver Shoes - this is a shimmery dark charcoal grey with silver tones to it. 
Dandy Lion - this is a shimmery gold with olive tones to it. Such a unique shade, and definitely my favorite of the palette! 
Saw Dust Heart - this is a matte dark brown with burgundy tones. I think it's similar to theBalm's Nude Tude shadow in Sexy.
Ozma - this is a metallic bluish teal. My second favorite from the palette, and something I'm not sure can be duped easily.
Very Wicked - this shade is rather hard to explain - it's a shimmery deep green on a blackened base, and it has some level of frost to it. It's almost a duochrome - not exactly one, but close.

The quality of these shadows is fantastic. They have an amazing color payoff, and are very buttery and creamy to the touch. They blend easily and apply smoothly. I'm given to understand that these shadows can be worn both wet or dry, but frankly there is no need for a damp brush during application as they are incredibly pigmented even when dry.

Wear time is 10+ hours on me with a primer (I always use a primer because I have oily lids).

I cannot speak highly enough about these shadows. This is definitely one of my favorite eyeshadow formulas. They're so lovely to use, and richly pigmented that creating looks with them becomes a cinch.

BGMM Rating: A (would be an A+ if it weren't for the bulky packaging!)


  1. The colours are gorgeous! :-D I really want to try her eyeliners and eyeshadows someday!

    I kind of wish that the packaging was some sort of translucent plastic. It would look kind of childish and tacky, but it would be more like a real 'emerald' and I would love it for that, LOL.

    1. Omg, yes! That would be such a cool concept. If it were made of green colored plastic that resembled a crytal - ugh, now I want a palette that looks like that!

  2. These are beyond beautiful :o

    1. Seriously gorgeous. For a brand that's understated they have an amazing shadow formula!

  3. What a beautiful palette - the packaging is HAUTE too! <3