Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Sleek Bronzing Block in Dark Review

Sleek MakeUP is, I would say, a quite well known UK based company. What they are most renowned for (as far as I know) are their blushes, especially their blush by three's. I have quite a few of their blushes (first seen here) and adore them.

A short while ago, they released their Bronzing Block in time for summer. The Bronzing Block comes in two shades, Light and Dark. I have the Dark for review today.

The packaging is basically a very standard black plastic case, which opens up (with some mild difficulty, I might add) to a pan containing what Sleek calls a "four color bronzer". Now, as you can see from the picture above, it's not entirely accurate, as it houses three bronzers and one blush.

I was surprised to see that the packaging did not include a mirror or a brush. Now, I'm not entirely concerned about the lack of brush (in my opinion the brushes that are usually included are not very good), but a mirror would have been nice, especially if you're planning to take this with you for touch ups.

Onto the bronzer shades - the bronzers are embossed with the Sleek logo, the wording being the right way on the top, and reversed on the bottom. The top two bronzer shades are matte (more semi matte, to be honest) while the bottom two have shimmer (and a fair amount of microglitter, as you can see; however this doesn't show up on the face).

The squares are big enough to use each bronzer individually if you'd like, but you do need a smaller brush (something along the size of the Real Techniques contour brush). You can also mix and match the bronzer - i.e you can mix the top two shades for a finish that's lighter and more matte-ish, and the bottom two shades for a darker, more shimmery finish. You can also use all four shades mixed together.

Bronzer #1 is a semi-matte, light chocolate brown with a reddish undertone.

Bronzer #2 is a semi-matte, milk chocolate brown with a reddish undertone.
Bronzer #3 is a neutral shimmery medium-dark brown with gold microglitter.
Bronzer #4 is a warm shimmery coral-pink that leans more pink than orange, with gold microglitter.

Now, keeping in mind this is essentially meant to serve as a bronzer, you can't really use it for contouring. You can't even really use it for adding warmth to your face, because it has quite a strong red undertone to it. I tried using this as a bronzer on my face, specifically my temples and jawline, and you could clearly see the color - it was a very muddy, red looking color - if you can picture a tanned person suffering from a sunburn, that's the color I got. So you really can't use this as a contouring shade or even as a bronzer. I want to add that I tried using each shade individually as bronzers (specifically, shades #1, #2 and #3) and each of them did not work as a bronzer on me. Shade #1 and #2 were the worst culprits; #3 was decent.

As a blush, however, it does work very well. The red undertones help it give you a very healthy flush; combined with the bronzer, the resulting shade is something that is very flattering on deeper skins. If you're lighter, you will want to skip this shade and try the shade in Light instead - although I suspect even if you get the Light shade, a light hand will be required as these are all intensely pigmented. The pigmentation is bang on - something I've come to expect from Sleek blushes - and this lives up to it.

I got a good 5 hours of wear from the Bronzing Block, which is very good for my oily skin. The packaging is also quite portable, so you can take it along with you for touch ups (you'll need to find yourself a mirror, though!)

As a bronzer, this definitely falls short; however as a blush, it looks very lovely. I can see this better suiting tanned and deeper skins; light skintones might want to opt for the Light shade, or else use this very sparingly with the lightest of touches.

BGMM Rating: B- (it fails as a bronzer!)


  1. It might have failed as a bronzer, but I love the colour!

    1. Hahaha same here. I'm tempted to get the light one as well. Sleek should just stick to blushes, they do those amazingly well!

    2. Do they? I have an eyeshadow palette of theirs, and I'm not as impressed as I thought i would be.

    3. Yeah... the palettes are good, but good for the price, if that makes sense? (if you buy, for example, the Lorac Pro, you damn well be getting a good product... with Sleek, you pay less, and then you're surprised that it turned out to be better than what you expected for the price)

      The blushes though... are insane. Super pigmented (and that's on my brown skin - I have to be a wee bit careful) and some lovely finishes. Even their cream blushes are great. You need to check out at least one! (Their blush by three in Flame has a gorgeous red, similar to Nars' Exhibit A, and Pumpkin trio has a lovely matte orange, similar to Nars' Taj Mahal - SO gorgeous!)

  2. AnonymousMay 01, 2014

    How did you know I was cruising around the Sleek website at the moment? :-D OK, this particular product is obviously safe from this vampire, but I was definitely eyeballing their blushes...

  3. Pssst you might want to look into their eyeshadow palettes as well! I love the idivine in Sunset! ;)