Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Rimmel Stay Blushed Liquid Cheek Tint Review

I rather like Rimmel products; I think for a drugstore brand they have some great stuff. I'm a huge fan of their Scandal Eyes eyeliner in Nude and Taupe - they're the only products I actually have backups of.

A while ago, Rimmel released the Stay Blushed line, which are basically liquid cheek tints. Now, I was interested in these, because I thought they'd be something similar to Benefits Benetint, Cha Cha tint, etc. However, this is not the case.

The product is packaged into white squeeze tubes. The tubes are quite small; you only get 14ml of product. It is supposed to be more pigmented than a regular, say, powder blush (more on that later). It's very travel friendly, and given their size, you can easily take all four shades with you without compromising space.

The graphics in front are colored to resemble to color of the product inside, which I think is a nice touch.

The shades that I have are: 

  • Apricot Glow
  • Touch of Berry
  • Sunkissed Cherry
  • Pop of Pink
Apricot Glow is a light, warm, peach-y, apricot-y shade that settles to a satin finish.
Touch Of Berry is a mid-toned cool light berry pink that settles to a satin finish.
Sunkissed Cherry is a medium light orange-y coral that settles to a satin finish.
Pop Of Pink is a light warm pink with a hint of coral that settles to a satin finish.

As you can see, the product isn't exactly a liquid - it's more of a mousse-cream texture. It's easy to spread out and blend the product. Now, while it appears quite bright when you squeeze it out of the tube, you can easily blend it out to the intensity you want. A word of warning, though - this product does sheer out quite a bit when you blend it out, so I personally think it's best suited for light to medium and tan skintones; darker skins will end up requiring quite a bit of product to build up to the intensity to for it to show up.

It feels quite creamy when you apply it on the skin, but it dries down in about a minute to a satin finish. They're easiest to use with fingers; I've tried using these with a stippling brush but I prefer the finish that comes with using fingers.

Now, these are supposed to last 24 hours; however I have oily skin that loves to eat up product, and I saw these fading away at the four-hour mark. This is actually not terribly bad for me; as an added bonus, because these are so portable you can easily pop them into your bag for touch ups.

On my C5 skintone (between NC42-44) you can see that Apricot Glow is quite light when blended out. I have to use this shade beneath another product for it to show up (I use Illamasqua's powder blush in Lover; it gives for a lovely combination). The rest I can wear on their own, or as a base under powder blushes.

I like the texture, and the longevity isn't bad. The only thing I have issues with is the amount of product you're getting. 14ml is, to put it in perspective, slightly less than the amount of cough syrup you would give a sick child. So there you go. 

BGMM Rating: this one I found hard to rate. Personally, I like how it feels and the longevity, but it's better suited to lighter skintones.
A (for lighter skintones)
B (for deeper skintones)


  1. How have I missed so many of your posts?
    I've had my eye on these for a while now! I like how Apricot Glow looks actually, might look into it.

    1. They're actually quite nice - I just hate that I have to layer quite a bit to get them to show through. But for no-foundation days these are pretty great!

  2. AnonymousMay 01, 2014

    Hm.. these are interesting! They almost look like they kind of have an opaque whitish base in the swatch! Definitely not what I expected :-O

    1. Now that you mention it, yeah, I think so too! The texture is also interesting. If they were a little more pigmented I'd fall completely in love!