Monday, April 14, 2014

Kat Von D Chrysalis Palette Review

Kat Von D... who might she be, you ask? Well, she's a tattoo artist who had her own show (called L.A. Ink, if I remember right). She's also covered in tattoos (talk about a walking advertisement for her craft - bad dum ksshh). More infamously, she's the woman who was responsible for the breakdown of Sandra Bullock's marriage, by, uhh, doing naughty naughty things with her (now ex-) husband.

Whatever her personal life and issues, I can't deny the woman knows her cosmetics. Her foundation and concealer have really good reviews, primarily because they are full coverage and capable of covering tattoos and other imperfections.  Her eyeshadows are also on point. Prior to this, I had her Ladybird palette, which has got to be my favorite matte eyeshadow palette.

So when she released two new, limited edition palettes (Chrysalis and Monarch), I jumped at the chance to snap them up, and I'm so glad I did!

Look at that design! So morbidly pretty. I love the color scheme! The packaging is essentially cardboard, but it's pretty sturdy. I'm fairly sure it'll travel well, but not so sure how it'll sustain a fall (and no, I'm not enthusiastic about testing that out!)

The inside houses twelve eyeshadows in various finishes, and a good-sized mirror, making it easy for touch-ups on the go.

The larger shadows on top are meant to serve as a base shadow, but really, what were they thinking? Unless you're super-pale, these shadows are better suited as highlights than base shadows.

Lifelike - is a matte off-white.

Hybrid Moments - is a matte, deep purpley-plum.
Mezzanine - is a shimmery orchid violet.
Transition - is a pearl pinky-mauve.

Lunar Lights - is a pearl light dove gray.

Glasswing - is a matte medium warm brown.
Melancholia - is a shimmery silver.
Black Milk - is a matte gray.

Lucid - pale baby pink with silver glitter (why, oh why did they have to put glitter in this?)

Graphic Nature - shimmery slate gray.
Entombed - pearl ocean blue.
Tournay - matte deep navy blue.

All the shadows are highly pigmented. They apply easily and blend out smoothly. Even the mattes feel soft and buttery, and did not go on patchy at all. The pearls and shimmers were so creamy and incredibly pigmented. The only shade I had a gripe with was Lucid. While I think the shade itself is a beautiful baby pink shade, the addition of glitter just ruins it for me. Shame, because if it weren't for the glitter, it would make an amazing browbone highlight.

The shadows last for a good 8 hours on me with primer - I can't attest to how well they do without  primer because I have hella oily lids and need a primer at all times. (The swatches, however, were done without primer.)

If you're into purples, blues and deeper shades, this palette is for you. Surprisingly, it's more wearable than I expected, and I've been enjoying the purples for a simple daytime look.

I don't understand the reasoning behind having such large pans for what are essentially highlight shades, because clearly we're going to be using less of those shades, but that's a minor annoyances.

There's a little bit of fallout from the shades because they're so soft, but tapping off the excess from your brush will take care of that.

The Chrysalis palette lives up to the quality of the rest of the shadows of the KVD line, and there aren't any major duds in this palette. 

BGMM Rating - B+


  1. Holy shit, these are pigmented and look so good against your skin! :o
    My biggest tattoo-dream is to have her tattoo me someday.. sigghh.

    1. HAH me too... if it weren't for my phobia of needles!

      It's a gorgeous palette, I was very impressed with the shades! They last forever on my lids and that's no easy feat :D

  2. I want this palette SO BADLY! :-D Purple and blue eyeshadows are my (eyeshadow) life! I'm not sure if I can get it shipped here to NZ, though...

    1. Awww :( I hope you guys can get it. Not sure if Sephora ships there?