Wednesday, March 26, 2014

NYX Butter Lipstick Review

A while ago, NYX had a sale going on in their website, and given that they had a bunch of new lip products out, I decided I'd give in and get a few to try out (I gave a sneak peek a while ago). Having had a bit of time to play around with them, brace yourself for a flood of NYX lip product reviews over the next few days!

One of the products I was most excited about was their Butter Lipsticks. I will admit I was caught up in the bubbles of excitement from the blogging world, which is why I caved. I'm so glad I did though, these have definitely won me over!

The NYX butter lipsticks have a little clear 'window' in the middle that allows you to see the exact shade, and I like that the outside is color-coordinated to the lip color... definitely makes it easier to see which shade you're picking out.

I picked out the following shades:
  • Sweet Tart is a bright pink with yellow undertones.
  • Juju is an orange-red.
  • Hunk is a purple-pink.
  • Licorice is a deep plum with burgundy tones. 
Sweet Tart, Juju, Hunk, Licorice
So, what do I think about these? Well, they're definitely easy to wear - the glide on the lips without tugging. The formula is nice, they sit comfortably on the lips without making their presence felt. They're pretty opaque (I'd say medium opacity? Definitely not full coverage) on the first swipe, but you can built the color up to the level you want - conversely, you can also sheer them out.

They last about 3 hours on me, which isn't bad (given their formula) and the deeper shades leave a mild stain behind.

I will admit I'm not particularly thrilled by how they don't play very well with chapped lips, but appreciate that they don't cause drying of my lips. They're supposed to be moisturizing, and I suppose they do to some level, but those predisposed to perpetually chapped lips will want to use a lip balm under these (tip - don't overdo the lip balm, or these will go on very patchily).

Overall, I like these. They aren't by any means HG (holy grail) to me, but for the price, they're a nice option to have. I'm looking forward to wearing Sweet Tart and Juju for the summer!

If you're on the lookout for some comfortable-to-wear, medium-opacity lipsticks, I do like these!

BGMM Rating: A-


  1. I got the nyx soft matte lip creams recently, and its love. Dunno about these though - not a huge fan of creamy lipsticks they just don't stay put :/

    1. I agree on the extra creamy formulas, they're too slippery! These aren't like that, though - more 'gel' like than 'creamy', if that makes sense?