Monday, March 10, 2014

Currently on the lust list...

Image credit: Hakuhodo brushes from, Shiro inertubes from, MAC lipsticks from
Spring is here (well, kind of) and summer will soon follow which means time for all the brights to shine! Along with a change in the closet will be a change in the makeup wardrobe and I'm looking forward to a few things to spruce up my collection:
  • MAC lipsticks - these are a favorite for a reason. I got my first one a little while ago and I'm in love.. Looking forward to picking up Vegas Volt and Crosswires for summer!
  • Hakuhodo brushes - I like my RT brushes but some days the eye brushes don't seem to pick up and deposit enough color on my lid... I was debating about whether or not to invest in MAC but didn't quite feel like putting down the money for them! That's when I came across these brushes - Hakuhodo is a Japanese brand and all their brushes are hand made. They are as good (if not better!) than MAC brushes and are also cheaper than MAC! They have a good selection and it has been tough trying to narrow them down to only a few.
  • The new Too Faced A La Mode has my name all over it - with those lovely corals, browns and that navy blue, I definitely need this palette and can envision quite a few looks!
  • Shiro intertubes - I have been dipping my feet into the world of indie makeup of late, and Shiro Cosmetics are one of my favorite companies. Their intertubes are supposed to be pigmented yet comfortable to wear, and I'm looking forward to trying them out for myself! Plus they have a few quite outlandish and fun colors!
That's what's on my lust list this week? What products are you looking forward to adding to your arsenal? Let me know!


  1. Shiro Cosmetics was an addiction for me a few years back - just when I got into makeup!
    Hakuhodo brushes I've been dyiing to get my hands on. Especially J5523!

    1. What was your favorite Shiro product? I got their Game of Thrones collection and love it! I'll have to pick up some more shadows soon.

      Hakuhodo brushes - I want them. still debating on which ones to get, I might just start with some eye brushes.

    2. I used to own their pokemon collection! Heh, and I really like some of the GoT ones, but the loose pigment thing just doesn't work for me. I tried pressing them - and they never dried - they ended up with this odd cream like texture. Sigh