Monday, November 11, 2013

Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette Review

The frenzy when the Naked Basics palette came out was... interesting. A lot of people were effusive about the addition to the Naked line, while others bemoaned the limited selection of shades.

I was never particularly interested in the Naked Basics palette, because (1) it's an all matte palette and I wasn't particularly interested in mattes and (2) having read reviews about how its shade selections weren't flattering on duskier tones made me shy away.

What made me change my mind, then?

Well, for one I have been getting into mattes of late. I've finally figured out how well they can factor in a "no-makeup makeup" look. It's so easy to use a matte eyeshadow, some eyeliner and run out the door looking respectable!

Also, the hubby was getting it for me, so, why not, eh? *wink*

The palette is made of an almost rubberized plastic, and houses a decent-sized mirror. I don't  think the mirror is enough to do a full face (or maybe that's just me?) but it is enough to do your eye makeup. It's also sturdy, and holds up well for travel.

It houses 6 shades, 5 mattes and 1 semi-matte (Venus). The quality of each of the shades is great. They have a soft, silky and satiny texture, and they are very pigmented! They do kick up a bit of powder if you're too harsh with your brush. They can also produce fallout, so it's a good idea to tap off any excess from the brush. All the shadows apply smoothly. Blending is easy, but with the lighter shades I have to take care to not over-blend or else it can look rather muddy!

Venus is a light champagne color. It is a demi-matte, and has a bit of a sheen to it.
Foxy is a light beige color.
Walk of Shame is a rosy nude that has warm undertones.
Naked 2 is a light taupe-y color (it doesn't look like it in the pan, though).
Faint is a milk chocolate brown, my favorite shade from this palette.
Crave is a deep brown-black color. Perfect for lining the eyes, or using in a smokey eye.

The strength of the palette, of course, lies in the fact that these are all wearable neutrals. You can wear these even to a conservative office without anyone batting an eyelid. Those who favor mattes will be pleased with the quality of the shadows and the ease of use.

The flip side? Foxy and W.O.S are almost the same on me, with Foxy being more yellow-toned. I love both as a base shadow shade. Naked 2 feels a tad too cool for my warm-toned self. Faint and Crave are definitely the highlights of this palette for deeper skins, and I love Crave to fill in my brows. One of my favorite looks is wearing Naked 2 on the lid, Faint in the crease and Crave in the outer V. Venus I use as an inner corner highlight.

What do I think about this palette? It's a nice palette to have, and I really like it as a stand-alone palette, and also in conjunction with the other palettes (especially the Naked palettes). If you're deeper than NC45, I don't think this is a good palette for you, unfortunately. However, if you're NC45 or lighter, this is a great all-matte palette!

BGMM Rating: B+

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