Thursday, September 5, 2013

Wet n Wild Spring Forward collection eyeshadow palette review

Augh, it's been such a long and tiring day that I wasn't really feeling up to writing this blog post... but seeing as I'm trying to be dedicated I felt it was my duty *wink*

Now as many of you know Wet n Wild are a drugstore brand in the US, and one of the things they are renowned for are their eyeshadow palettes. If I remember right one of my first purchases here was a Wet n Wild palette and I was so excited about the pigmentation - so much so that I thought ALL eyeshadows were as brilliant as they were; needless to say I have been disappointed several times since. Given that brands like Revlon and Maybelline are also hit-and-miss it's quite impressive that Wet n Wild consistently produce great quality eyeshadows for a very affordable price!

The Spring Forward collection is a Limited Edition collection for Spring 2013. There are two eyeshadow palettes as part of this collection - Nude Awakening and Going In The Wild.

Nude Awakening is the neutral palette while Going In The Wild has some lovely, soft pastel colors.

(Apologies for the discrepancy in the pictures - the light kept changing as I was taking them)

The packaging comprises of white plastic with a transparent cover. The cover has some floral print on it, which is cute. A word of advice - never drop these, or even take these along anywhere without securely wrapping it up and making sure it's padded! Or else it will shatter (the eyeshadows, that is).

Coming to the Nude Awakening palette:

Does this palette remind you of something else?

No? Are you sure?

This palette is a close dupe for the Urban Decay Naked palette! (here's Gianna from Nouveau Cheap's comparision of the two palettes!)

I knew the moment I saw this palette that it would be mine, and that nothing could stop me from getting it! The colors are just lovely! 
The eyeshadows are divided into two halves, and they are labelled according to where on the eye they can be placed - sort of an instruction guide for newbies, if you will. Still it's a whole lot of fun mixing and matching, and given that they are all neutral shades it isn't very difficult to experiment with different looks.

The formula on all of these is wonderful. They have a buttery, satin feel, and they are all extremely pigmented. They are also decently long wearing - on my oilslick eyes they last about 4 hours without primer, and about 8 hours with primer.

I seriously, seriously love this palette and have been hoarding it because I'm terrified that I'll hit pan far too soon! I need to get a backup of this one!

Moving on to the Going In The Wild palette:

This palette definitely has a spring feel to it, but it's a very versatile palette. I like the mixture of pastel shades and darker shades, and I like that it can be used for day-to-night looks.

Again the formula on these is amazing - I wasn't expecting the pastel shades to show up on my skin but pull my hair and call me tablet, they not only showed up, they looked fah-bulous, dahhhling!

I must mention that the pastel shades are not chalky - they are still buttery smooth, but they do kick up quite a fair bit of fallout/dust - so tap excess off your brush before you apply!

In conclusion - might I reiterate just how glorious these are and how happy I am that they're in my life? Nude Awakening has been my daily go-to palette -  I know regardless of the choice of colors I pick they'll all look good. I've also been getting some wear out of my Going In The Wild palette - the pastel shades are awesome for a bright pop of color in the summer, and I especially like using them as eyeliner.

All thing said and done, if you come across this palette, don't hesitate at all - pick it up! You can't but fall in love!

BGMM Rating: A

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  1. I really like the Naked dupe thing. I've always wanted to try this brand!