Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Wet n Wild Fergie Collection lipstick in Penthouse Sweet review

Is it just me or does wearing a certain color on your lips influence your mood? I mean reds are supposed to be the color to sport if you're looking to grab attention (it's also the shade that studies say men are attracted to - I'm not entirely sure about this).

Well if my so-called color theory does hold true then that explains why every time I wear Wet n Wild Fergie Collection in Penthouse Sweet I kind of feel all girly and Barbie-like.

That's 'cause Penthouse Sweet is a cotton-candy-like pink shade.

The packaging is nothing to talk about, it's a plastic silver and black cover with a clear plastic cap. It does feel cheaply made and is a magnet for fingerprints. Anyway since I value quality over packaging (even if I adore cute packaging) it's not such a huge deal for me, given the price.

The top of the cover has some sort of sign/crest/symbol to indicate it's from the Fergie collection. It's a cute touch.

My biggest gripe with this lipstick is that the bullet doesn't swivel all the way down into the tube, which makes opening and closing a huge ordeal. I don't like having to be super careful not to nick the bullet with the edge of the cap!

The color is a blue-toned true pink, that resembles cotton candy. It's the shade of pink that will look good on all skins ranging from fair to deep.

Moving onto the formula, it's a cream formula and it has no shimmer in it. It's completely opaque and covers the lips in a single swipe. It applies smoothly and doesn't pull at the lips. It doesn't emphasize my lip line but it does have a tendency to stick to the drier regions on my lips, so I need to prep my lips before applying.

The formula isn't hydrating, but doesn't supply moisture to the lips either - so wearing a lipbalm underneath is a must. Wear time is average, I can get 3.5-4 hours out of this with just drinking water in between before I need to reapply.

This isn't the kind of pink that will scream "look at me!". It's the kind of pink that does brighten up your face. It's one of those colors that makes women feel dainty and ladylike (or maybe that's just me).

Nevertheless, the color is lovely, the formula is decent, and I like this. The only thing that i don't like is the fact that the bullet doesn't go all the way into the tube! 

BGMM Rating: B+

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