Sunday, September 1, 2013

Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencils

I'm considering this a bonus post as today's the first of the month! Happy September!

Back in college (during my undergraduate days... ahhh, it seems like ages ago!) I was the quintessential nerdy student - immersed up to my head in studies or reading books. And since ours was an all-girls college there was no reason to 'dress up' - if you know what I mean *wink wink*. 

Nevertheless I think one day I decided I was fed up of not taking the time to take care of myself (I'm pretty sure it started off like that, in my memory anyway!) and tried to think of ways I could be playful without looking too made up. Being an Indian girl khol (or black eyeliner) was already pretty much a staple in my makeup kit - indeed at that time I think my makeup essentially consisted of only a black pencil eyeliner. It was then that I discovered colored eyeliner, and soon after they became a staple for me too. I enjoyed playing around with greens, blues and purples, and indeed I recall several people asking me what color I was wearing that day.

Now staying on the subject of colored eyeliner (excuse my prior ramblings) it's fairly well known that the creme de la creme of colored eyeliners is Urban Decay's 24/7 Glide-On eye pencils. These come in all colors of the rainbow and then some, as well as your staple daily colors. I recently had the chance of getting them from Sephora when they were marked down to $6 from their usual $19 price tag.

The shades I picked out were:

  • Binge (midnight blue)
  • Lust (plush purple)
  • Flipside (bright teal)
  • 1999 (glimmering plum)

  • The pencils are cased in a sort of plastic coating? At least it feels like a cross between wood and plastic... I could be wrong (I haven't sharpened them yet). The case matches the color of the pencil inside. The pencils feel sturdy in your hand.

    According to Urban Decay's description of the colors:

    Binge is a navy blue color.
    Lust is a deep purple color with subtle silver shimmer.
    Flipside is a teal color with minute silver shimmer (note: at the time of writing this review I couldn't find this shade on UD's site, so I'm giving my description).
    1999 is a plum color with teeny gold glitter.

    These pencils are so soft and creamy that they just glide on your eyes like an ice skater on a skating rink. In fact they are so soft when I tried opening the cap off Lust the tip broke off (easily repaired by heating the pencil for a second then reattaching the tip, FYI). They take about 10 seconds to set, so in that time you can smudge them out if you want, but after they set, they won't budge. Seriously. You could try to rub it off, splash water on  your face, plead with it, bribe it... nope they will not move. And that's saying something because I have such oily lids that nothing can stay on for long!

    L-R: Binge, Lust, Flipside, 1999

    The colors are true to UD's description and I have grown particularly fond of Flipside as it adds a lovely pop of color these hot summer days. I think 1999 and Lust would make lovely fall colors.

    I really cannot recommend these enough, they are such lovely eye liners and easily the best I've ever owned. I can't wait to try more shades out! Given the range of colors UD has, there's sure to be a color for everybody, and these are definitely worth trying at least once. (You'll be hooked soon after!)

    BGMM Rating: A

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