Thursday, September 12, 2013

Urban Decay Smoked Palette Review

The smokey eye... a classic evening look that has seemingly infinite variations to it. It looks fairly simple to do, but actually doing it? Not so easy. Fun fact: the first time I tried a smokey eye hubby was terrified I'd injured my eyes. 

So I'm pretty much a newbie when it comes to the smokey eye. I can't figure it out... why doesn't mine look as polished and refined as all those tutorials/YouTube videos/magazine photos look? 

When I heard about Urban Decay's Smoked palette, a glimmer of hope appeared. 10 shades devoted exclusively for smokey eyed looks? Yes please! Jewel toned shades perfect for fall? Sign me up!

The palette comprises of 10 eyeshadows, a 24/7 Glide On eye pencil in Perversion (blackest black) and a travel sized Primer Potion

It also has a look book inside the box, that outlines various looks in a step-by-step fashion.

The case itself is a black zippered cardboard case. It's fairly sturdy and it will travel well.

I love the print on top of the case - it really is reminiscent of smoke!

The shades are:

  • Kinky - a matte cream-beige 
  • Freestyle - a matte beige-light brown 
  • Mushroom - a satin taupe-gray 
  • Backdoor - a matte dark brown 
  • Blackout - a matte black
  • Barlust - a satin bronze-brown 
  • Rockstar - a satin purple-eggplant 
  • Evidence - a satin deep blue 
  • Loaded - a satin green-black
  • Asphalt - a satin dark gray with silver microglitter
The shades are all pigmented - even the lighter matte shades. They are unbelievably, indescribably creamy, and so easy to blend. They are soft and buttery, and have minimal fallout. A light touch of brush to pan will give you lots of color!

It is very, very easy to try out a smokey eye look with these shades. Just place the shadow over the lid, blend out, add some more, blend out... before you know it you will have a gorgeous smokey eye without really using any effort!

I love that they've given lovely jewel tones, they make amazing variations of smokey eyes. I adore Barlust, it gives you such an easy daytime smokey eye - so appropriate and never too in-your-face. Rockstar, Evidence and Loaded also make wonderful smokey eyes - being so richly pigmented. I especially love the fact that they really suit my black eyes, and brown skin - they make my eyes pop, and unlike traditional smokey eyes, I don't look like I have raccoon eyes, or dark circles or anything of that nature. 

I have to give a mention to Mushroom - such a lovely taupe-gray color, I find myself reaching for it all the time - easy to use for the day! Apply it all over the lid with a light hand, smudge on a little bit of black eyeliner (or purple, or blue, for a pop of color) and you're good to go!

Kinky and Freestyle are great additions to the palette - they are wonderful for using in the crease to blend out the color, and also in the inner corner of the eye. They're good for highlighting the brow, too. The fact that they included these light matte shades amidst a sea of deep satin shades goes to show that Urban Decay really did some thinking for this palette.

L-R (top row): Kinky, Freestyle, Mushroom, Backdoor, Blackout
L-R (bottom): Barlust, Rockstar, Evidence, Loaded, Asphalt

L-R (top row): Kinky, Freestyle, Mushroom, Backdoor, Blackout
L-R (bottom): Barlust, Rockstar, Evidence, Loaded, Asphalt

L-R (top row): Kinky, Freestyle, Mushroom, Backdoor, Blackout
L-R (bottom): Barlust, Rockstar, Evidence, Loaded, Asphalt

24/7 Glide On eye pencil in Perversion (blackest black)
Overall, in my humble opinion this palette is a winner. You get some gorgeous shades, that are unbelievably pigmented and so easy to work with that even newbies will find it easy to create looks from the shades. The included look book also makes things easier. If you're looking for a palette that will help you with your smokey eyes, or if you're looking for some jewel-toned shades for fall, the Smoked palette has you covered!

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