Friday, September 13, 2013

Sephora Collection Outrageous Prisma Chrome Metallic eyeshadow review

I like shiny things. I'm like a quintessential magpie with it comes to shiny things. I love jewellery, I'm attracted to (but don't buy) shiny clothes, and my deepest wish is to one day own a pair (or two) of crystal heels (or shoes, really.)

So when I first came across the Sephora Collection Outrageous Prisma Chrome Metallic eyeshadows, I sat and stared at my laptop screen in a trance (the thing was, I spotted them on the Sephora website when they were on sale...)

After catching sight of their Taupe shade on Pink Sith's blog, I knew I had to have them in my life. I mean, all that shiny-ness? How could I say no?

When I got them, I was a little afraid to open the packaging. You know how you excitedly anticipate something but when it actually gets there, it turns out to be very uneventful? I was worried that these would turn out to be a failure (on me, that is.)

Yeah, well, I shouldn't have worried.

Because these ROCK.

These are the eye shadows of the Amazonian women. This is Boudicca wore to battle. This is what Cleopatra wore to totally knock boots with Julius Caesar.

In short, my friends, this is wonderful.

Why, you ask? Well, I could say that it has something to do with the quaint packaging of these. I could say it has something to do with how soft they feel when you touch them. I could say that they have no fallout issues. Oh, I could go on and on.

But it all boils down to this - these are hella pigmented. 

They are ridiculously pigmented, and what's more, when you place them on your eye, you lose none of the shine. What appears in the pan is what you will get on your eye. And trust me, when you wear these, no one can look away from you. Nuh-uh, no way hosay, all eyes are going to be on yours.

Metallic Beige, Golden Peach, Golden Taupe (on Sephora it was advertised as Golden Taupe, however when it arrived it said Metallic Bronze on the bottom)

Taupe Silver (it says Silver on the bottom but Sephora calls it Taupe Silver), Purple, Taupe
You know how it goes... a girl needs to wear some bling on her eyes now and then. These are down for the job! 

How pigmented are they? Well, consider this - I don't need to wear a primer to bring out their color. As for staying time, how does 5 hours on oily lids sound? Yeah, you heard me. Without primer they definitely stay a while on my eyes, but add a primer in and you'll last all night with these!

I haven't tried wearing these wet yet, but I'm curious - I want to see how the foiling effect will turn out! I'll update this post once I try them wet.

A note - these are not glittery in the typical sense of the word. They do have finely ground glitter particles, but these do not feel gritty, nor do they cause fallout. They add shimmer to the color, and definitely enhance the metallic nature of the overall color.

L-R: Metallic Beige, Golden Peach, Golden Taupe/Metallic Bronze, Taupe, Taupe Silver/Silver, Purple (the shades are so shiny it was hard getting the camera to focus on them!)

L-R: Metallic Beige, Golden Peach, Golden Taupe/Metallic Bronze, Taupe, Taupe Silver/Silver, Purple

L-R: Metallic Beige, Golden Peach, Golden Taupe/Metallic Bronze

L-R: Taupe, Taupe Silver/Silver, Purple
Overall, these are some truly amazing shadows. Pigmentation and quality-wise, they easily compare to Urban Decay. The colors are gorgeous and are a pleasure to wear. They can be worn lightly or be built up for a more intense look.

If you're a fan of shimmer/glitter shadows, I can't recommend these enough! 

BGMM Rating: A+

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