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NYX Black Label lipstick review

Every time I hear someone talking about "Nyx" two things come to mind - the first being the Greek Goddess of the night, and the second being an affordable cosmetic company that has some great products.

I've been a fan of NYX from the time I first tried their Round Lipsticks - and then I moved on to their eyeshadows (holy carp these are great - I'll have to do a review of the ones I have) - then someone pointed me to these Black Label lipsticks, and well, let's just say THEY SHALL ALL BE MINE. Someday. Someday soon, I hope. Ahem.

I'm fairly sure not many people require an introduction to NYX - they are a popular drugstore brand and they have, as I've already mentioned, some great products that are almost cult-status. 

I'm fairly easy going when it comes to lipsticks - by which I mean I'm game to try most things, as long as they do not bleed or dry out my lips. Those are the only two criteria I have! However, these lipsticks have simply blown me away with their pigmentation, ease of application and staying power.

I like the packaging, it's elegant, far more so than the Round lipsticks. The shades I have with me are:

  • Socialite
  • Hot Tamale
  • Midnight Dinner
  • Diva
  • Summer in  Hampton

The case on the Black Label lipsticks feels more substantial and looks more high end than the Round Lipstick. I would consider it a little above the packaging that comes with most drugstore lipsticks. It has a little glass-like panel at the bottom that shows you the shade of the lipstick.

The lipsticks are gorgeous and highly pigmented. They almost flow onto your lips, they're so smooth and creamy. Don't be fooled, though. Even though they're creamy, they don't bleed or feather. What's more, they last about 3-4 hours on my lips before they start to fade, but as they fade, they leave behind a lovely stain. They don't dry out my lips at all, I can have lips that are on the verge of cracking, and I can put these on, and not only will they not catch on the drier parts, I find that after the color fades my lips feel a wee bit softer. 

L-R: Socialite, Hot Tamale, Midnight Dinner, Diva, Summer at Hampton

L-R: Socialite, Hot Tamale, Midnight Dinner, Diva, Summer at Hampton
I'll describe the shades individually:

1. Socialite

This is a red-pink color that's almost berry-ish in nature... I was sitting and staring at the color on my lips and as a swatch on my hand, and I still can't decide what color it is. It's a very pretty color, but not so in-your-face as some reds can be, nor is it too berry. I think that if you've been looking for a red lipstick this would be a great place to start, because it isn't too bold, and you can definitely wear it more muted if you like.

2. Hot Tamale

Tamale is a Mexican dish that's made of a dough, which is stuffed with a variety of foods, before being wrapped up in corn husks ( or plantain leaves) and steamed. It's certainly very delicious, but I'm not sure what it has to do with this color...
The color is a beautiful coral shade that leans towards the pink side. It's not neon, so it won't scream 'hey everyone look at me and my fancy lips' but it's more like 'hey guys, it's summer!'.
I'm sure everyone can wear this color without looking too goofy, but it's certainly a stunner for deeper skins.

3. Midnight Dinner 

Midnight Dinner is one of those shades that can transform you from blah to sophistication. Every time I wear this shade I feel like I should be wearing a cocktail dress and dripping with diamonds, a flute of champagne in my hands, listening to the opera (in all honesty I have never been to the opera and I'm not quite sure what I would think about it.) This color is what i would expect if someone mixed bubblegum and red wine together (yuk!)... it's a berry-ish fuchsia shade. Gorgeous color, and.. yeah. Can't say enough about it.

4. Diva

I have to confess that I got this shade for the name more than anything else. I wasn't too sure what to expect going by the swatches on the NYX website (they are notorious for inaccurate swatches) but I lucked out. Diva is a great MLBB shade for me. It's a pinky-brown shade that is very pretty, doesn't wash me out and adds just a hint of color to my lips. It's great for warmer skintones.

5. Summer at Hampton

Out of the 5 I bought, this shade disappointed me the most. I was disappointed with the color, not the performance, because I was expecting something a little more deeper pink in nature but this is a light blue-toned pink. It's a little darker than cotton-candy pink. It's not a terrible color, it's just that it takes a little more work to get this color to work on my warm-toned skin.

Overall, these are great! They are creamy, pigmented and last for a decent period of time. The flipside is that they do transfer onto cups/boyfriends/husbands/what ever your lips come into contact with. They also smell faintly like grape juice to me, and the smell lingers for a little bit after application, so if you're sensitive to smells it's something to keep in mind.

L-R: Socialite, Hot Tamale, Midnight Dinner, Diva, Summer at Hampton (no flash)

L-R: Socialite, Hot Tamale, Midnight Dinner, Diva, Summer at Hampton (with flash)

L-R: Socialite, Hot Tamale, Midnight Dinner, Diva, Summer at Hampton (with flash)
BGMM Rating: A-

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