Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Maybelline Color Sensational Lipsticks Fall 2013 review

I can't believe it's September already... not just because the year seems to have flown by like cars on an F1 racetrack but because it's still so dang hot here in Texas... I mean really, 5 p.m. and I can't take a 10 minute walk because I inevitably end up with a sun headache! 

Nevertheless, a lot of fall collections are out now, and Maybelline isn't lagging behind. They've released 4 lipstick shades for fall, and I managed to get hold of two shades, Violet Intrigue and Midnight Plum.

First of all can I just say that Midnight Plum sounds like a really yummy late-night snack? I can picture it now... sliced plums served up with vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce on top... sorry, I'm digressing, my bad.

Moving on to the review now...

L-R: Violet Intrigue, Midnight Plum

L-R: Violet Intrigue, Midnight Plum

Violet Intrigue

Violet Intrigue has to be my favorite of the two. It's a violet-fuchsia color that has some amount of pink in it. The color is just so creamy. It glides onto your lips with no tugging, and it is definitely opaque. It does look scary purple in the tube, but it translates to a pretty color on my lips. The best part is that you can blot it down for a lightly stained effect (which, incidentally, is how I use it) or you can wear it as-is for a more bold look.

Midnight Plum

I picked up Midnight Plum in the hopes that it could be a deep berry shade, (you know, like a goth shade, something like that) but I was disappointed. It is a very dark, blackened shade - kind of like if you took a red-berry-ish shade and just dumped some black into it. It's creamy, but it applies patchy, and definitely adheres to the dry patches on my lips (which I assure you, does NOT look pretty). I can't wear this shade as-is on my lips, and even blotting it doesn't help much. I end up using a red lipliner under this to make it more wearable. Unless you specifically like dark lipsticks, I'd say you could give this one a pass.

Overall, I'd say I was pleased with Violet Intrigue. Both lipsticks however are creamy, and hydrating (to some extent - you need to start with moisturized lips) and they have a pretty decent staying time (4 hours on me - and they left a stain behind). I wasn't impressed by Midnight Plum, not just because the shade didn't appeal to me, but because I had application issues, and it just was as nice as Violet Intrigue.

L-R: Violet Intrigue, Midnight Plum

BGMM Rating: Violet Intrigue B+
                          Midnight Plum C

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