Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Avon Ultra Color Rich Brilliance lipstick Review

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I seem to have a few Avon lipsticks lying around my stash - I find that while most people have hits and misses with their offerings I've been fairly lucky as far as my pickings go. My most recent foray was their Ultra Color Rich Brilliance lipstick (what a mouthful!)

Avon claims that these have "rich moisturizing color matched with shimmering prismatic pearls." I have no clue what 'prismatic pearls' are meant to be, but apparently "prismatic pearls complement your skin's undertones like the color was made just for you" Psssh, yeah right.

These are creamy lipsticks that glide onto your lips without any tugging or pulling. They are not moisturizing per se - they do not dry your lips nor do they add moisture. One thing I have noticed about these lipsticks is that they have a tendency to settle into liplines - something I avoid by using a lip liner underneath and patting the lipstick lightly into place (which involves a little bit of smudging).

I quite like the packaging and think the pink metallic covers are adorable - however when you hold them it's a different story as I find them to be quite strangely constructed - one of the lipsticks seemed to catch on the side of the tube as I was rolling it up, leaving a shallow dent on one side, while another had lipstick inside the cap of the tube, despite it being a new one (it was sealed from the outside) and the bullet being undamaged.

L-R:  Amethyst Sunset, Berry Glitz, Crimson Twilight

L-R:  Amethyst Sunset, Berry Glitz, Crimson Twilight
I picked these out based on the names and swatches on the Avon website. From what I could see, Amethyst Sunset was a deep berry shade, while Crimson Twilight was a deep pink-red shade. Berry Glitz looked like a bright pink.

Unfortunately the swatches were not true to life and all three shades I picked out turned out to be very different from what I imagined them to be.

Amethyst Sunset is a pinky-red-brown color with red and green shimmer. I assume the shimmer is the 'prismatic pearls' they're talking about. The shimmer does not feel gritty on the lips, but does stay behind even after the lipstick has worn off.

Berry Glitz was quite surprising. Even though it looks quite bright in the tube, when applied it looks more like a muted, wearable pink. I like this color, even if it wasn't what i envisioned it to be. It also has red and green shimmer.

Crimson Twilight looked, as I mentioned before, a deep pink-red shade. I expected it to be more red in nature from it's name (I mean, crimson!). Strangely, it turned out to be the most berry-like of the three, having a rich berry color with pink tones in it. Very pretty color. This too, has red and green shimmer in it.

The shimmer is non gritty and doesn't turn your lips into a disco ball. It sort of coats your lips and almost seem to give an illusion of plumpness? It looks pretty, but it's not like the effect you get when you wear a lip gloss.

There are some things I don't like about this lipstick, though. I wasn't impressed that the shades weren't like the swatches. I don't like that the shimmer remains after the lipstick is gone. And I don't like that these are so creamy that they seem to smear around a bit.

On the other hand, I do like the colors, and even the shimmer adds some dimension to the color. They sit comfortably on the lips. They don't unduly accentuate dry areas on your lips. And even if they are not moisturizing, they don't dry out your lips.

Overall, I think these are okay. I wouldn't rush out any buy them, but these are the kind I might dabble in if they were on sale (and I had a coupon or something)

BGMM Rating: B-

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