Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette Review

"Like a beast with an unquenchable appetite, the young woman's appetite was barely appeased with the offerings of from the original Naked palette. Despite the array of warm neutral shades, and the excellent pigmentation and quality, she cried out in hunger and roamed the land looking for more, always seeking to staunch the hunger in her belly..."

Okay, so that might be too dramatic. I love my Naked palette, and it gets much use from me. However, this whole makeup obsession is a disease (a disease, I tells you! ) and soon I found myself clutching the Naked 2 palette, with barely any memory of how it got there.

The Naked 2, of course, hardly needs any introduction. Being the little sister to the original Naked palette, it nevertheless wields a power all of it's own. Being comprised of 12 (more) neutral shades, this is supposed to cater to cool-toned lasses (I say 'supposed' because they do work quite well on my warm toned skin, but more on that later.)

Unlike it's predecessor, the Naked 2 comes with a mini lip junkie in... you guessed it! Naked. The gloss is a sheer light pink-red, which comes out looking as a MLBB shade for me (but then again I have pigmented lips). There's also a Good Karma brush included.

The palette itself is made out of sturdy plastic (it sort of looks like a tin case), again unlike the Naked palette. I for one much prefer this packaging, as it feels quite sleek and sturdy. It also looks very elegant to me.

The palette has 12 shades, which are:

Foxy is a matte, yellow-toned cream.

Half Baked (also present in Naked 1) is a bright shimmery yellow-toned gold that's almost metallic.
Bootycall is a matte off-white.
Chopper is a shimmery, rose-toned copper shade.
Tease is a matte purple-toned taupe.
Snakebite is a dark, warm-toned bronze.
Suspect is a mid-toned neutral bronze.
Pistol is a deep gray with a brown undertone.
Verve is a shimmery champagne shade that's almost metallic.
YDK is cool-toned copper with a brown undertone.
Busted is a warm toned shimmery burgundy-brown.
Blackout is a matte black.

Of the twelve shades, Foxy and Tease are the matte shades. I would call Bootycall semi-matte. Foxy is close to my skintone, and was hard to swatch. Surprisingly, even Tease was a little difficult to swatch, despite it not being remotely close to my skin color. I'm thinking this might have something to do with it's matte nature? Nevertheless they both fare excellently well on my lids.

As with Naked 1, I love the shade Half Baked (a yellow gold). Chopper (a light copper), Snakebite (a medium brown), Suspect (a beigey-peach) and Pistol (a brownish-gray) are my favorites from this palette. They are very easy daytime shades!

I like Tease (a taupe with purple tones), especially when paired with Busted (a deep brown with plum tones). Verve (a light beige) is a little tough to pull off, since it appears almost silver on my skin - but I've worn it with Blackout and it seems to work. YDK is a pretty all-over-the-eye shade, and it makes my eyes look bright and awake - it's not too light, but not too dark (if you know what I mean).

Foxy and Bootycall make good browbone highlights, and I also use them as blending shades. I sometimes wear them as base shadows over primer before using other shades, so that my blending becomes easier. They aren't spectacular, but I will say that they are required. This palette would be incomplete without them.

It's safe to say that I love this palette. These are lovely neutrals, and I cannot say enough about the amazing quality and the excellent pigmentation. The shadows are soft, smooth and blend easily with minimal effort. They can produce some fallout, especially the shimmery shades, so make sure you use a primer before, and tap off any excess from your brush. Over primer, these last an easy eight hours with minimal fading.

These will show up on deeper skin. And they will work on warmer skin tones, even if a few of them are cool toned. The quality and pigmentation of the eyeshadows makes them very easy to work with.
However, I feel that if you're on a budget, there are cheaper dupes out there that you can play around with, before deciding to invest in this.

BGMM Rating: A-

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