Thursday, August 22, 2013

What's your makeup trick?

I'm a bit of a thrifty person and unless I absolutely have to, I try not to throw away makeup. (Disclaimer: I am very careful with mascara, though!). I generally believe that if something doesn't work for you on the first try, put it aside, and sometime down the line you'll end up finding a use for it.

With that philosophy of mine sometimes you strike gold and sometimes there's really nothing you can do but toss; nevertheless in one of those hit paydirt moments, I came across one of my favorite makeup tricks ever!

It started out when I was reading a blog that stated that Nyx Round Lipstick in Protus was a great shade for dusky gals. Being a dusky gal myself, I was intrigued. So when I came across it on the Cherry Culture website, I did not hesitate in picking it up. I was super excited!

However, when I received it, I was rather deflated. Well, more aghast than deflated. You see, the color of the lipstick was rather... unique, to say the least.

Protus is a warm, shimmering bronze-gold color. That's it. There's no other color to it, no duochrome, just straight up metallic bronziness. I tried it on, and it glided onto my lips, but the color... needless to say there was no way I could ever step out into the real world with that color on my lips!!

I put it away and semi-forgot about it till one day, when I was trying on a rather cool-toned light pink lip color (whose name I seem to have forgotten, darnit). There was no way that barbie pink shade was working on me, I looked washed out and ill, and that's when inspiration struck!

You see, Protus is a great way to warm up cool toned lipstick for warm-toned peeps. It's very simple to use, too. Simply apply the cool toned lipstick, and layer Protus on top. And voila! Instant amazing color that doesn't look odd on you!

I have used this more often than I can remember. Protus has especially come in handy during wedding season, where it looks simply stunning paired with saris and other Indian outfits. 

So whether it's trying to own a color you wouldn't normally wear, or taking a red lip to the next level, try layering Protus over your usual lip color the next time.

Then venture forth and flaunt your hot looking self out there! ;)

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