Wednesday, August 14, 2013

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I love Sephora, it's really a make up lover's dream come true. With all the shiny offerings they have, it's really, really difficult to just walk in there and browse! More often than not there's always something that catches your fancy that you have to walk out with.

Today being rather uneventful I decided to hop on along to the nearest mall and check their store out; it's only make up that can get me to move out in this Texas heat! Nevertheless hopped I did and soon found myself standing, slightly awestruck as always, in front of their store.

 On a side note I find it amusing that I can always get lost in one of these strip malls but finding Sephora is never a problem! Just goes to show...

I did get a chance to test out their new Color I.Q system:

Basically it's a tool that looks like a hand held bar code scanner that they scan your skin with - for me, they did it on my neck, my cheek and my forehead - and it comes up with a number. You can then enter this number on the website, and it will pull up the exact match of foundation from different brands.

I'm not really into foundations - I hardly ever wear them, once or twice a year is my norm - but I was very impressed with this. Aside from my oily skin one of the issues I have is that I can never seem to find a good match for my skin, and this tool helped me get matched.

For your reference my number was 2Y10, and given my distaste for foundations, my perfect match (which I preferred to be tested on my skin) was Nars Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer Broad Spectrum in Cuba - which was a truly perfect match, as the MUA was applying it to my face I could hardly make out the difference between the part of my face that had product and the part of my face that didn't. That's really how I like it, I prefer a much natural, no-makeup look on my face, and this evened out my skin tone.

Given the perfectness of the match I couldn't but help pick it up, along with a few other things that I had had my eye on for a long time. I'll leave you to guess the rest, but I will be reviewing these shortly.

I came back home a happy camper and very impressed with Sephora's Color I.Q. system - if you are anywhere near a Sephora I suggest you drop by and try it out - for the rest of you, you can access their website and try it out (it will give you your number according to the foundation shade you currently wear - not as precise but worth a shot).

Keep an eye out for haul pics soon!

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