Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Coastal Scents Warm Palette Review

I always assumed that being a brown-skinned gal meant that there really was no point in wearing neutrals. Although I wasn't aware of the renowned Naked palette then, when I did discover it, I was hit by two emotions at the same time - the first being lust, as in "OMG I need this palette in my life, now" and a sense of "Meh." Why "meh"? Because, as far as I could tell, the entire palette was focused on shades of brown. And brown was my color. Ergo, wearing those colors on my eyes would amount to... nothing. 

Of course, now that I'm deeper into my makeup journey, I appreciate the value of neutrals. Neutrals make us look better, like we're not wearing any makeup, while subtly emphasizing our features. Neutrals are mine - and a whole lotta other people's! - everyday staple look.

Which is why I was really looking forward to Coastal Scent's Warm palette. 88 shades of everyday wearable neutral colors? Yes please! Added with the fact that they are mostly warm toned meant that this was a definite no-brainer. I needed to have this, pronto!

So what did I think?

Well... it's just "meh." The palette has both shimmers and mattes, and an almost equal number of light and dark shades, all neutral in nature. Some of the shades are cool toned, while others are warm toned, although they're not so predominantly warm or cool that gals with different undertones can't wear them.

The "meh"-ness comes from the fact that I found a majority of the lighter shades to be very chalky. Additionally several of the darker matte shades were also chalky. You can still make them work by using them with a wet brush over primer, but there is some amount of fallout.

I won't say I dislike the Warm palette entirely, it definitely has some stellar shades hidden in between; the trick is to experiment and find them. 

As you can see from the swatches above some of the shades are lovely; however there is a definite chalkiness to a few.

All things considered I believe that this is a good palette for those new to makeup to experiment with neutrals; if you're better acquainted with makeup it's worth giving this a shot when it's on sale otherwise there really are better neutral palettes out there (maybe none with such a wide variety of shades, but better quality and texture).

I purchased this from the Coastal Scents  website for $8.88 (it was on sale).

BGMM Rating: C+/B-

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