Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Coastal Scents Mirage palette Review

I think it's amusing how, despite having lived all my life in tropical regions, I still find heat iffy. Although, truth be told, I despise winter. Even Texan winter, with all its gloominess and windiness gets to me sometimes!

If heat could be packed into a palette, I bet it'd look an awful lot like the Mirage palette. It puts into color all that's associated with the desert, with heat, with the sultriness associated with it.

Warm shimmering gold sands, dark, decadent brown shadows, deep, rich greens... you'll find something that catches your eye in this palette!

The Mirage palette comprises of 88 dime-sized eye shadows of different colors. The shades range from matte to shimmer, and are of varying pigmentation. There are some hit-and-misses in this palette.

The palette has both matte and shimmer colors. The lighter colors tend to be matte while the darker shades are shimmery. The shimmery shades are not glitter overload; instead they are very subtle.

The lighter shades definitely need a primer to wear. The shades can be used dry for a light wash of color or wet for a foiled effect.

The palette is definitely warm-toned. The lighter shades are chalky and have some fallout issues, but when worn wet with a primer are easier to handle. The deeper shades are more satin in texture, and are very easy to work with.

Included are some swatches of shadows across the palette. Notice how the white shadow (third from the left) and the light orange shadow (fifth from the left) are chalky and crumbly in texture? They are also matte. The rest of them are decently pigmented, and are shimmer.

Overall, this is a decent palette for those on a budget and looking for a palette with warm-tone colors. I particularly love the rust-brown colors, and the olive-green colors in this palette - they work well together and look amazing on my Indian skin tone!

I purchased this from the Coastal Scents website for $8.88 (it was on sale).

BGMM rating: B+

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