Monday, August 19, 2013

Coastal Scents Metal Mania palette Review

One of the lovely things about makeup in general is the color options you can choose from; there's always a choice regardless of the occasion. Take smokey eyes, for example - in the beginning they comprised of black and grey shades and now it's all about incorporating jewel tones.

I've always enjoyed playing around with color; granted I can't walk into class wearing bright colors but I do like switching out my black eyeliner for deep greens and purples. Nevertheless for the most part I much prefer neutral shades; they're the safest option!

A good way to experiment with color without emptying your wallet is to go for palettes; they offer you a wide variety of shades at a modest price. Coastal Scents are a mass retailer of eye shadow palettes and they're a good way for beginners to explore as well as the more experience to experiment with color.

The Metal Mania palette is one of the three palettes I picked up from Coastal Scents during a sale they had a while ago; and in my humble opinion it is the best of the lot!

The Metal Mania palette comprises of 88 dime-size eye shadow shades of different colors. All the shades are shimmer, and are considerably pigmented. I was pleasantly surprised to note that they swatched pretty intense without primer!

The shades are all highly shimmery but not inappropriately so. They can be worn dry for a sheerer wash of color (even though they are quite pigmented) or you can opt to wear them wet for a lovely foiled look. I think this palette will see much use from me particularly during fall and the holiday season as they are so reminiscent of everything I associate with autumny shades and the holidays!

I was definitely concerned about whether or not the lighter shades would be chalky and poorly pigmented - it's more the norm with mass-produced palettes that the deeper the shade, the more pigmented they are - but again I was surprised because the lighter shades were smooth and not chalky at all, and they were as well pigmented as the deeper shades!

The only minor flip side would be that they do have some amount of fallout, but nothing that can't be taken care of.

In natural light - notice how shimmery they are!

Taken indoors to show the color - note that all the shades are shimmery.

All in all I'm really enjoying playing around with this palette and I think that I'm getting better with the whole concept of incorporating color in makeup.

I purchased this from the Coastal Scents website for $8.88 (it was on sale).

BGMM rating: A-

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