Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Avon Color Precise Lipstick Review

I'm sure many people have heard of Avon - they are a company who have no brick-and-mortar stores; rather, you buy their cosmetics either through individuals called representatives, or online.

Avon is known to have some great offerings for those on a budget, however their products tend to be quite hit and miss. I haven't particularly purchased any of their makeup products before, but I was quite intrigued by their Color Precise Lipsticks, as they has a very unusual shape (more on that later).

Avon Color Precise Lipstick

From Avon:
Formulated with Vitamin E, honey and aloe extracts. Instant lip moisturization. Feather-proof formula. Innovative diamond design for precise application. 0.12oz net wt.

There are 12 shades in the line, and these are:
  • Defined Wine
  • Unmistakable Pink
  • Infallible Mauve
  • Particular Wine
  • Really Red
  • Exactly Brown
  • Fuchsia Finish
  • Mauve Ideal
  • Perfect Plum
  • Definite Peach
  • Just Right Red
  • Rose Absolute
I bought the shades Infallible Mauve, Particular Wine, and Fuchsia Finish.

L-R: Fuchsia Finish, Infallible Mauve, Particular Wine

First off, I want to mention that the colors in the tube are nothing like the swatches on the website, so if you do want to buy these, keep that in mind.

These are creamy, extremely pigmented lipsticks that apply opaquely with a single swipe. They are all bright colors - almost too bright - and may be unsuited for those why shy away from bolder colors. Wear time on these is fairly standard - I get about 3.5 - 4 hours with minimal snacking - and they do leave a faint stain, which I like.

They have no discernable smell, and have a tendency to settle in lip lines, which I avoid by lightly patting the lipstick in place. They are not drying, but neither do they moisturize your lips. They bleed very lightly, but it's not so bad that you can't wear these on their own.

They are encased in a shiny black square case, and while this does look sleek, it attracts dust an fingerprints like whoa! Additionally, it doesn't feel quite solid - one of the shades rattles around in the case, and I'm quite fearful of damaging it while applying it from the tube.
You can see how much dirt they attract!

There is a small sticker at the bottom with the color of the shade, but the name itself is written in a very small font - it's quite an effort to make out the shade. It's not very easy to tell the shades apart, unless you store them bottom-side up.

Moving on to the shades:

Fuchsia Finish is a bright, neon pink that definitely does not have any fuchsia in it. This is a cream color and has no shimmer in it. It is a neutral toned color, which means it will suit almost everyone.

Fuchsia finish

Infallible Mauve is a purple-pink color with cool undertones. It leans more purple than pink, and is not what I would call mauve. It's a pretty color, but I find it hard to pull this shade off due to its cool-toned nature. Nevertheless a lot of people will find this shade very pretty.

Infallible Mauve

Particular Wine is a deep burgundy shade. This is the only shade of the three that resembles its name. It's a shade that will look absolutely lovely on deeper skins. This is a true fall color, and I'm looking forward to wearing it in the cooler months.

Particular Wine

Overall, these are worth a shot. The diamond shape isn't necessarily a bonus, as I personally found it difficult to work with, but others may find it an advantage. If you're interested by the gimmicky nature of the lipstick shape, go ahead and pick up a shade or two; otherwise it's fairly normal as far as formulation and staying power goes.

BGMM rating: B+


Top to bottom: Particular Wine, Infallible Mauve, Fuchsia Finish

L-R: Particular Wine, Infallible Mauve, Fuchsia Finish

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